Connect with your veterinarian from the comfort of your home!

Pet care should extend beyond the walls of our office and be accessible to you and your pets no matter where you are or when you need help.

With our new Airvet-app, you’ll be able to connect with your veterinarian virtually via live video, audio, and chat. We use Airvet to do virtual re-check exams, post-ops, call-backs, and to provide you access to a veterinarian when you need immediate help after hours.

Telemedicine is only available for patients with a current annual physical exam. Depending on your pet’s specific condition, we may still recommend an in-person appointment in the event a physical examination or diagnostic testing is needed to diagnose a patient. To learn more about our telemedicine services, we welcome you to contact us or to download the Airvet App today.

To ensure you get the highest access to care for your pets, please make sure to have the app on your smartphone.

Download it here:



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