Pet of the Month for July 2020

Meet Goose! Goose is a 12 week old TINY Great Dane puppy! These pictures were taken at his second puppy visit! He was so perfect for his exam and vaccines – we think the treats and cheese whiz helped! It is very important to have regular check-up’s for your new pets. We check their little hearts, eyes, check for intestinal parasites and much more! We also make sure they are protected with proper vaccinations. We cannot wait to see Goose back for his next round of vaccinations and see how much bigger he has grown!

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Pet of the Month for May 2020

Meet Jasper! Jasper was rushed into our New Braunfels location recently because his owners found him non-responsive. Dr. Lauren Casares was there for the emergency and started treatment immediately. It is still undetermined what could have caused his condition but luckily with proper treatment Jasper came back around pretty quickly. He had a few days of strict rest and watch. The owners and Dr. Casares are keeping a close eye on Jasper and so far he is back to his hyper playful self!

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Pet of the Month for April 2020

This is Dallas! Dallas is a 5 month old Party Yorkie. He was recently at our hospital for his Neuter procedure! It is important to get your pet neutered to reduce their chance of testicular and prostate issues as they age. It is better for their overall health. Dallas is also rockin’ his COVID quarantine hair!

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Important Message about COVID-19

Dear CanyonVet Clients,

 As many of you are aware, the COVID-19 situation is changing every day.  We promise to do our best to keep ourselves informed of the latest information and recommendations of our state and local governments and professional veterinary associations to keep our clients, staff, and pets safe while also providing essential healthcare to your pets.

To best promote social distancing, curbside check-in will still be available if you prefer it! Otherwise, come on in! It’s up to you!  We have missed you! See y’all soon!

Current options to keep in mind:

Telemedicine (email, phone) Option:  If your pet has been examined by one of our veterinarians within the last 12 months, we are allowed by law to examine the pet via pictures and videos sent electronically.  Medications can be mailed to you or picked up via curbside.  Not all illnesses and injuries can be properly diagnosed in this manner and you may be asked to bring your pet to the hospital.  Normal exam charges apply to telemedicine options and payment will be done over the phone.  Please call or email your preferred location to request this option.

 Prescription Refills by Mail:  Along with curbside pickup of refills, we are also offering to mail prescriptions for an additional $5 shipping fee.  Large items and food cannot be shipped and would need to be picked up curbside.

 Our Online Pharmacyvisit the website.

Once you select your location, select Online Pharmacy from the main menu to shop almost all of your pet’s medications.  Unlike other internet pharmacies, products purchased from our online pharmacy ship directly from the distributor to you which means you can trust the medication has not been tampered with or stored at incorrect temperatures.

We want to thank all of our clients who have been so supportive of the temporary changes we have made.  Our hope is that changes made by CanyonVet and other businesses to promote social distancing will mean better safety for everyone and a shorter time until the COVID-19 pandemic is over in our community.

Download the TVMA PDF file with more information about HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR PETS FROM COVID-19.

The CanyonVet Team

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Pet of the Month for March 2020

Meet sweet Charlotte! She and her K9 siblings recently boarded with us and she got to stay in the Feline Condo! She loved the new cat tree we got and spent most of her day lazing on it and chirping at clients through the windows.  She is a great example of how we try to promote a low stress environment for our feline patients while they are away from home!

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Pet of the Month for February 2020

Meet Kal-El! This best little boy likes to stay with us while his parents are away and considers it is his vacation while he is here! We love to cuddle and play with him while he is in our care! He is also the only boy we know with curls this good!

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Pets of the Month for January 2020

Meet Lily and Finn! These two are ready to take on the new year after having to be hospitalized for eating several boxes of raisins over the holidays! Raisins are very toxic to pets as they can cause severe kidney failure! If they could make a New Years resolution, it would be to not give in to the temptations of toxic food!. Let’s hope that they can keep it!

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Pet of the Month for December 2019

Dexter came to see us after having several days of not feeling well from a stomach ache. After a few diagnostics were performed, it was determined that he had eaten something causing an obstruction in his intestines. He was rushed into surgery to remove the foreign object. The object turned out to be a corncob that he had found in the yard! Today, Dexter is doing very well and has had no complications after his surgery! No corn for him, though!

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Pet of the Month for November 2019

Gunnar is a young handsome Australian Shepherd that came to see us because he was hit by a car. He is loved and adored by all. So much even that we have never had so many visitors for one patient! We can understand because he is so sweet! He had some trouble breathing and we discovered he had Pneumothorax (air that leaks into the space between the lungs and the chest wall secondary to trauma).  We sent him to the Specialist to release the air pressure. Since then he is back to his normal self feeling great!  He now gets around on a splint but there is no stopping him! We are so grateful he is feeling better!

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Pet of the Month for October 2019

Dixie is aMAZEing! Dixie Maze is a 9 year old Poodle Mix. At the time of her recent exam, Dr. Casares emphasized that Dixie needed a Dental Cleaning. Well, lucky for her we were having Dental Month in September! So, Dixie’s owners capitalized on that and had her scheduled. On the day of Dental we took out 17 bad teeth that could have caused her major health issues if not addressed! Now, she has a healthy mouth! She was our Dental Rock Star of the month!

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