Pet of the Month for September 2019

Zippity – Do – Dah! Aka Zipper 🙂 Zipper is a 5 year old adorable Brown & White Spotted Dachshund.  In our opinion, the best little small breed there is 😉  Zipper came to us for having vomiting and diarrhea for a month (Insert poor baby).  We did multiple medications and diagnostics.  He even had to be Hospitalized for a couple days.  He was not wanting to eat any food, NOT EVEN CHICKEN!  I know, shocker!  We had to do a special test called a Barium Test, which meant getting him to take a chalky substance orally  and doing multiple Radiographs.  Just right before he was going to be sent to the Specialist for further testing…he got better…yeah!!! Throughout the entire treatment he had the best attitude.  He would always love attention and belly rubs.  As soon as you would open the cage door he immediately rolls on his back for a nice tummy rub.  We are so glad he is back to his old self!

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