Should You Vaccinate your Pet Against Rattlesnakes?

by Dr. Ryan Bullock

I remember the frantic phone call well one summer when my brother’s wife was on the other end of the line telling me that their English Setter “Belle” had just been bitten several times by a rattlesnake (3 times in the neck and 5 times in the chest to be exact) while out on their land. My first thought was to get her emergency care, but my second thought was “thank goodness I had given her a rattlesnake vaccine 3 weeks prior when I had her in the clinic for a dental cleaning”. Belle spent several days in the hospital, but she eventually pulled through and is doing great now! I have no doubt that she would have died if she hadn’t been vaccinated.

In 2005, a company called Red Rock Biologics ( developed a “rattlesnake vaccine”. The purpose of the vaccine is to lessen the severity of damage done by a rattlesnake bite and hopefully save pet’s lives. It works by producing protective antibodies in your pet’s body that will help to neutralize the venom. It is most effective with Western Diamondback bites, but is also at least partially effective against all other rattlesnakes except the Mojave. It is effective against Copperheads, but IS NOT effective against Water Moccasins (Cotton Mouths) or Coral Snakes.

The vaccine only lessens the severity of the bite, but does not entirely mitigate all of its effects, so you should still seek emergency care in every case! Factors such as size of pet, size of snake, location of bite, and amount of venom injected all contribute to the end result. Every snake bite is different and all need emergency veterinary care!

So what results have we seen? Overall, we have seen that most patients that receive the vaccine fair better than those who have not. The patients seem to recover quicker, especially if medical treatment is achieved as soon as possible. Each patient’s case is different and factors like where the patient was bit and the size of snake seem to come into play, as well. All in all, I am impressed with the results and recommend vaccination for any “at risk” dog. I know “Belle” highly recommends it to all of her dog buddies!

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Pet of the Month for August 2019

Hi my name is Trinket! I recently came to the clinic for an exam and some routine lab work. My mom takes great care of me! Dr. Casares called my mom back the next day with some results from my bloodwork and urinalysis. My lab work showed that I may be diabetic! I came back in for a few more tests just to be sure. Turns out, within just a short amount of time my body decided that it was not going to make enough insulin. My mom and I have been working closely with Dr. Casares to ensure that my blood sugar is more regulated. I have been feeling better and am thankful that my mom brought me in to see the doctor!

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Pet of the Month for July 2019

OUR BUBBA BOY! Bubba is an almost 4 year old full bred German Shepherd. Weighing in at a whopping 96.0 lbs.! He comes to visit us alongside his little Corgi sister, Jamie. Lately, Bubba has been feeling very itchy. Allergies are very common around these Hill Country parts. To try and give him some relief, we are actually doing Allergy Testing that we send to the lab. They test his blood for all types of different allergens (food, environment, etc.) to see exactly what he is reacting to so that we can make him feel better. His lab results are pending and soon we will have a better solution to help his allergies longterm!

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Pet of the Month for June 2019

It is hard to believe that Addy has been coming to us for only about 6 months!  Because it feels like we’ve known her forever!  Addy is our lovable Westie that is 10 years old.  She comes all the way from Minnesota!  We are so glad to have her!  While she has been here, we have been monitoring her Diabetes.  Addy is such a trooper and let’s us do whatever she needs.  We’ve had her in for multiple day boards where we monitor her glucose levels through out the day to make sure her levels are staying good.  She is the perfect patient and will let anyone do whatever they need to get her better! We love having her!

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